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Welcome Dr Rohan Dental

Did You Know?

You can tell the difference between alligators and crocodiles by looking at their mouths. When a croc's mouth is shut, he has only his upper teeth showing. Alligators have both upper and lower teeth showing.

Beavers' four long front teeth are orange in color. These teeth never stop growing throughout their lives. On average beavers’ teeth allow them to cut down over 200 trees per year!

What our patients say

  • “I took my 5 year old child at Dr. Rohan’s for the first time for a dental check up. I am surprised how much difference a child speciality dentist can make on a young mind when it comes to fear about dentists. I was prepared for a session of weeping and protesting. But I was amazed when i saw my little girl face the dentist calmly.”


  • “I admit I have a dentist phobia of some sorts, but a trip to Dr. Rohan’s clinic made forget all about it. Their amazing service and professional attitude impressed me. Their teeth whitening treatment is worth mentioning and I will definitely come here for my routine checkups.”