How can Parents Help?

We, at the clinic believe that parental involvement in the dental visit of their children is very important. You can prepare your child for its first dental visit by familiarizing it with the concept of dentist by playing pretend dentist and establishing a positive approach about dentist in their mind. You can refer to our article ‘Preparing your child for the first dental visit’ in the Parent Information Section of our website.

After each visit, parents can praise their child and say words of appreciation for a job well done.By creating a trusted friendship and a bond with the child, parents can explain dental terminologies with our help. We also guide the parents in understanding the causes of the dental problems and help prevent further decay.

Periodic dental check up every six months, which includes cleaning and examination helps develop a rapport of our dental team with the children. Parents can set a good example for the children by regularly brushing and flossing, making dental care a family activity.